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Kacey McClain is a Pop recording artist based in Los Angeles California. "Making Real Honest Pop Music"

Kacey McClain merges uplifting empowerment with profound vulnerability in her irresistible records.

Growing up as a Southern Baptist in Greenville, TX, Kacey was exposed both to the love but also toxicity that comes with growing up in a religious community. She was not exposed to secular music until age 10, when she first heard “Hero” by Mariah Carey, and soon after began falling in love with popular music, particularly after hearing Avril Lavigne’s then-new album The Best Damn Thing.


Originally following her passion for Animal Science, Kacey was ultimately encouraged by her college dean to pursue her passion for music instead.

Moving to Los Angeles by way of Colorado, Kacey was quick to draw attention from the creative community.

She has since collaborated with #1 Billboard songwriter Richard Harris (Christina Aguilera, Jason Derulo, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Bon Jovi), Grammy-nominated producer Lucas Sader (Sting, Alison Wonderland), and many more.


While her mission may be to inspire and uplift with her transcendent pop records, it is not without a harrowing personal narrative. Having been hospitalized, isolated and quarantined due to a life-threatening C. Diff infection, Kacey is an advocate for more education surrounding this little-known but deadly illness. She is equally passionate about the destigmatization of eating disorders, and the holistic, continuous way in which living with one affects everyday lifestyle. In her art, Kacey seeks to aid fans in finding their own voices, inspiring listeners to overcome their own mental health struggles, and fully accept and love who they are!


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