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Kacey McClain is a Pop recording artist based in Los Angeles California.


"Making Real Honest Pop Music"

"My goal is to bring the silver lining to life as often as possible in my music!"

Her first official release "Higher" came shortly after her relocation to California.

"Higher" was co-written and produced by Richard Harris and was released 01/30/18.

Swiftly after that was Kacey's next single "Lonely Truth" ft. Alex Tyler.

Co-written and produced by Richard Harris released 02/21/18.

Kacey's next single coincided with her debut music video, 

"Stronger Than Unbreakable". 

Produced by Richard Harris and was released 03/06/18.


"Sing My Heart Out" 

Released 10/11/2019 

"Sing My Heart Out" was written by: Alex Tyler and Produced by Richard Harris.

"Stronger Than Unbreakable"

(WeMystik Remix) Is the first Single Released 7/31/20 from the Remix EP (WeMystik Remix)

"Lonely Truth" (WeMystik Remix) Is the Second Single Released 9/4/20 from the Remix EP (WeMystik Remix).

Remix EP (WeMystik Remix) Released 11/13/20.

"My Own Damn Paradise"

Released 1/22/21 was Co-written by:

Dree Mon, Richard Harris

and Kacey McClain

Produced by: Richard Harris


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